Who We Are

We are all about making Jesus famous as real people making an eternal impact serving an awesome God.

Where We've Come From

The name "The Barn Church" was given to us twenty years ago in a prophecy, quoting the scripture "...then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn."- Matthew 13:30

Since then The Barn Church has been a spiritual home to many. Our prayer is that you feel at home at The Barn too. The Barn started in July 2000 in the home of Roelof and Carol Kwant. From those humble beginnings, God has continually blessed our church and The Barn has become the spiritual home of many families in our community. We moved into our Boskruin premises in May 2004. We are still growing and developing new areas of ministry in our local community as well as those further away.

After a few months of attending our celebration services, you may want to officially partner with us as a member – we facilitate new membership courses bi-annually. Please sign up at the information desk so that we may contact you with the details.

Our desire as a church is to bring glory to God, by being real in our relationships and making an eternal impact for our awesome God. The Barn is affiliated with The Christian Network (TCN) and is under the oversight of Hatfield Christian Church.

What We Believe In

Mission Statement

Inspiring all people toward a meaningful and authentic relationship with God and one another.


Real People making an Eternal Impact for our Awesome God!


Our simple strategy is for everyone at the barn to:

Celebrate with us

  • Every Sunday at our church services
  • At our praise and worship evenings
  • By attending our fellowship meals
  • Church events
  • Grow with us
  • At our discipleship courses
  • By joining a life group
  • Through biblical counselling
  • Through one on one discipleship and mentoring programs

Our Vision Statement as a church is:

We are Real People making an Eternal Impact for an Awesome God