Testimonies from our Family at The Barn

Testimony of Courses at The Barn

I shared this in the class that I attended.  I am not being paid to share this however I share this purely from the abundance that has been deposited in my heart.


I have been a christian all my life and I come from a christian family. I attended Sunday School as a child and youth meeting as a teenager and as an adult I attended church and conferences that were being held at church. However in attending the courses from the course list that has been provided by the Barn at a very affordable rate I am learning about RELATIONSHIP with GOD and I am learning perspectives that Sunday School nor youth meeting has taught me.

In life we all have seasons that we go through and even though we have the word of God with us we need to be reminded and we need to refresh.

I am of the opinion that as an Adult we need more refreshment and reminders in our lives as we have been in battle for a longer period and we need to be refreshed of the tools and the weapons, just Sunday attendance will not suffice.

Having attended just two courses, I have been enriched and I have seen the move of the hand of God. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to attend any course just to test my sharing.


The passion I have developed comes from the value add that the Barn courses has placed in my life and I want everyone to hear about it so they can attend. This is so valuable that I would shout it from the roof tops if I could, however I will follow the right channels and URGE the leadership at the BARN to advertise this more.  It is our responsibility to share and advertise and it is the receiver responsibility to decide to take the step forward. The congregation has all different types of personalities, the A type personality will inquire and find out and attend and the B type personality needs to hear positive feedback before wanting to try and venture out.