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We offer a variety of different life groups to suit every need. Whether you are a single mom, married couple, new to the faith, or anywhere in between, we have a life group just for you. We believe that it is very important to be in a small group, it keeps us connected to God and the church during the week, It creates a space for us to grow deeply in the Word of God together. Life groups also offer support and a source of strength in hard times, as well as to celebrate and share success and achievements together. They can play a vital part in your life.

Current life groups

Boskruin Campus

Couples and kids- Wednesdays 19:00

Cheshire home- Thursdays 19:00

Courageous men- alternate Wednesdays 6:00

Divorce recovery- Wednesdays 19:00

Ladies group- Thursdays 9:30

Mens group- Thursdays 11:00

Single moms- Fridays 18:00

Parents- Fridays 18:00


Randpark Ridge

Ages 25-50- Tuesdays 19:00

Couples- Tuesdays 19:00

Couples and kids- Wednesdays 19:00

Ladies- Wednesdays 14:30

Open group (any age or gender)- Fridays 10:30 or Thursdays 19:00

Married/single- Wednesdays 19:00

Married couples- Wednesdays 19:00 or Thursdays 19:00

Young adult mens group- Mondays or Wednesdays 19:00

Young adults open group- Wednesdays 19:00


Ages 25-40- Tuesdays 19:00


Families- Thursdays 19:00

Couples with kids- Wednesdays 19:00


Families- Wednesdays 19:00


Open group- alternate Tuesdays 19:00


Families- Wednesdays 19:00


Married/single aged 50 and over- Thursdays 19:00

Little falls

Couples with kids- Wednesdays 19:00


Open group- Wednesdays 19:00


Open group- Thursdays 19:00


Married/single- Wednesdays 19:00


Open group & single moms- Wednesdays 19:00

Ladies- Wednesdays 19:00


Men in Christ- Saturdays 7:00