Kids Town

Grades 1 - 3 | Developing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Having a Relationship With Jesus

Our Kids Town team is solely devoted to helping your child understand that having a relationship with Jesus is the most important basis of our faith as Christians. Jesus is not just a character from a large storybook but He is alive and real, working in each one of our lives today. It is essential for our kids to understand

Kids Town happens on Sundays at our 8 am & 10 am services!

Registering your child

Our registration process starts at our Panda Pen preschool where you will check your child in for the service you are attending. They will be sanitized and have their temperature checked before they enter our school area. You can leave them in our team's capable hands while you go into the service. On pick up, parents wait outside Panda Pen while the leaders call for your child and make sure they come back to you safely.

A Sunday Program

Our Kids Town program is aimed at bringing the Bible to life for our Kids. Our teachers & helpers are passionate about teaching the Bible, creating exciting lessons, and having so much fun! We believe that the same Holy Spirit that lives in you, lives in your children and we aim to teach, build and love your child the way Jesus intended for His children. 

Our programmes include:

Praise & Worship





Our Current Series

In this eight-part series, kids will learn to "bust" their fears by praying, trusting God, remembering truth from God’s Word, and taking action!