Need Support | Counselling or Prayer

How can we help you today? Let us know what you need: prayer, counselling, relief?

How Can We Pray for You?

We believe that prayer is powerful and changes lives. Let us know how we can stand in prayer with and for you at this time.

We have a dedicated group of people who are ready. to stand in prayer for you today.

How can we pray for you in this time?

We Are a Praying Church

Prayer Revived is our prayer initiative for you to get involved in the prayer life of The Barn. Let our prayer life be revived as we align ourselves to God in prayer.

Do You Need to Talk to Someone?

We have a counselling house that is dedicated to helping you.

Book an appointment with us today.

How can we support you?

Join a support group and go through this with a group of people who want to stand with you in it.