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What's Happening At The Barn Church?

Check out this months events that are happening at the church

Plus One Sunday

26 September | Sunday Services 8 am , 10 am & 5pm

Plus One Sunday is an awesome opportunity to invite that one person to church with you. Send them an invite and bring them through to the services, an invitation could save their life.

Online Prayer Meeting

11 October | 19:00

Prayer is an important part of our lifestyle and our faith. We are a praying church and believe that we need to live out our faith together as a church community. Join us at our monthly prayer meeting online at 7 pm on Monday evening.

Let's stand in prayer together.

Connect Evening

15 October | 18:00

Feel like you don't know everything you would like to know about your Barn family? Come and join us at the Connect Evening to find out more! Get connected if you are new, meet the pastors and life group leaders, or find out more about The Barn Church - the Connect Evening is the place to be.

It will be held in the Coffee Shop on our main church property at 18:00. There will be children's programs happening at the same time so bring them along with you!

Register online if you would like to join!

Fearless Women Breakfast

16 October | 9 am

Come and join us for our Fearless Women Breakfast for some fellowship and wonderful company. We will be having a panel discussion and sharing a wonderful breakfast together. Register below to attend our breakfast.

Breakfast is at Hakuna Matata Lodge at 9:00. The price is R100 per person which includes breakfast. Please send proof of payment to with reference to your SURNAME and FWB.

Relationship Discussion Evening

18 October | 19:00

All relationships are welcome. Come and join us for an in-depth discussion on godly relationships at work, in your families, with your partner etc. Relationships are never easy but it seems to be better together, come and join us for an evening of fellowship and connecting with one another.

Register online today to join!

Prayer Retreat Day

23 October | 9:00-13:00

Take a day to retreat and come and pray. We know that Jesus left His disciples and the places He was ministering to and went to pray, come and join us to leave the busyness and spend time with the Lord in prayer.

We will be meeting at the Counseling House 3 Lesley Road for a morning of reflection and prayer together. Register online today if you would like to join.

Fearless Leaders Conference

30 October | 9:00-10:30

Pastor Roelof will be continuing his teaching series from TBN to equip godly leaders in their leadership spaces. Come through and join us at The Barn Church auditorium for a morning of leadership teaching and discussion.

Develop and identify the leader within you.