Current Series | Chosen

Chosen to live again.

"In Christ, he chose us before the world was made. In his love he chose us to be his holy people—people without blame before him." Ephesians 1:4

Chosen to Make a Difference

Bulletin | 12 - 18 April

Join us for the next couple of weeks in our 4-part series as we look at what it means to be chosen by God. Within Jesus' ministry, we are in awe of the individual encounters He chose to have with the people around Him. Today, we have been chosen, forgiven, and sanctified by the Son of God because of that one encounter we have had with Him.

His sacrifice for our sins allowed us the freedom to live again, what are you doing with the new life Jesus has given to you?

Are you living again?

Coming Up This Series

21 March - Chosen to be Holy

28 March - Chosen to Serve the King (Palm Sunday)

4 April - Chosen to Live Again (Easter Sunday)

11 April - Chosen to Make a Difference

We have been earnestly seeking the Lord in this series. Join us as we earnestly seek Him together and unpack what it means to be chosen, to walk in the freedom of what it means to be chosen by the Most High.

Baptisms will be taking place on Easter Sunday at our 5 PM service!