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Sunday’s for our 8 am & 10 am Services

2 years old - 6 years old (Grade R)

Our Kiddie Kingdom program is aimed at bringing the Bible to life for our Kiddie Kingdom Kids. Our teachers & helpers are passionate about teaching the Bible, creating exciting lessons, and having so much fun! We believe that the same Holy Spirit that lives in you, lives in your little one and we aim to teach, build and love your child the way Jesus intended for His children. 

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Grades 1-5

Friday's at 6pm - 7pm

Sunday’s at our 8am & 10am Services

Due to our Covid restrictions, we have created a fun and interactive Kids Church program that is able to be adapted to suite the Grade R getting ready for big school and the Grade 7 in their last year of primary school. We aim to equip our kids to learn about the bible and be able to practically apply those principles in their daily lives. What better way to do that than at Kids Church on a Sunday morning? 

We teach God’s word, apply it practically, and have so much fun together. 

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Grades 6-7 (12-13years old)

Fridays 6 pm - 7 pm

Sunday 8am & 10am services


Here at Anchored, we are passionate about young people coming into a direct relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior and being anchored in the fullness of who God has called them to be. At Anchored we are also super intentional about having fun and building relationships. We have just started a new series called "Back To Basics" where are going back to basics in our faith and looking at the Church, Worship, Jesus, Word, and Service. This series is to help them as Anchored come to know where they belong within the local church. 

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Hebrews 6:19

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."